Roleplaying games

‘Rise and Fall’, my GMless storygame about building and destroying dystopias, was published by Pelgrane Press in their Seven Wonders anthology, which won the Indie Groundbreaker game of the year 2017.

I am a frequent contributor to the Fictoplasm podcast, which talks about designing roleplaying games inspired by literature.

‘Bringing new life’, my scenario for Lovecraftesque, was a finalist in their scenario competition. I also wrote the ‘Ride a white horse’ scenario.

I have written several 200 word RPGs for the annual competition:

I mostly talk about roleplaying on G+. I’m currently working on ‘Bluestockings’, a GMless storygame about the first women to study at Oxford, and ‘Teachers of 6016’, a game exploring assumptions we make about learning and teaching, inspired by ‘6016’ from the excellent #Feminism anthology.